If the Customers Don't Know You Exist - Are Your Really IN Business?™

  • BlueCollarMarketPlace.com is a robust internet tool custom designed to advertise blue-collar business services.  

Here are some great reasons to advertise with BlueCollarMarketPlace.com:

          Work Local. Work as close to home as you can. Reduce travel, reduce fuel costs, and stop wasting your time.  

  • Your full-year advertisement costs just $99.00, less than 28 cents daily.
  • Purchase your first Zip Code and receive up to 6 Free Zip Codes based on your marketing needs.
  • The United States has over 42,000 Zip Codes at your disposal.
  • Customers contact you directly - not a phone telemarketer fumbling through your reputation.
  • High flexibility to move as needed - if some Zip Codes aren't productive, try others.
  • Immediate update(s) when you log in, make changes, then click  Update Profile at the bottom of the page. 

Natural and human-made disasters:    

  • Plan and be prepared. Other businesses may fail due to high startup costs and overtaxing marketing expenses.    
  • You can't wait to start a business when customers require your services NOW!
  • Natural disasters can destroy entire communities and contaminate massive areas of land.
  • Be available when your community needs your help - provided they know how to connect with you.   

What we have learned:  Blue-collar resources are vital to the massive infrastructure of America. We need millions of service providers to maintain our daily needs. However, the loss of your blue-collar services may cause a strain on your community and significantly reduce your quality of life. 

Planning means you, the business owner, are essential to America's needs and resources. Does your community even know about your business? Are you just a few streets out of the business spotlight, and traffic doesn't come your way? Be a part of America's infrastructure by heading to "Advertise Your Business Services" now!